Japanese cuisine has been attracting a great deal of attention. It is a style of cooking that emphasizes not only flavor, but also appearance, textures, and even a sense of the season. Tempura, for example, is distinguished from many other types of fried dishes in the world by the characteristic type of batter used to fry it, which is called “flower” and has a crunchy texture. These features are considered critically-essential to the taste of tempura. The appeal of Japanese cuisine to all five senses and the sensitivity of the Japanese people are the key points that HI-COOK products are based on. Our aim is to produce equipments for creating the ultimate in flavor, according to our business principle as represented by our trademark of three chefs, symbolizing the characteristics “gentle”, “hot”, and “creative” respectively. As a comprehensive planner of cooking and food-processing equipment, HI-COOK group delivers the flavor of Japanese food to the global markets.

Cooking and food-processing equipments should be easy and safe to use. They should also be clean and friendly not only to the work environment but also to the surroundings and our community. Our production principle is “Safety for people who eat and people who cook”, and we have been engaged in research and development for the production of high-quality cooking equipments and for the advancement of cooking technologies. We can set up a wide variety of cooking systems that incorporate various pieces of equipments, and carry out all processes from designing to construction of industrial foodstuff factories, thus helping our customers to improve the productivity of their processing lines.