HI-COOK Coating Line

Adding more values to your products

1. Pre-duster PDM

Flour, fine powder, spices can be used. Dual spreading can deal with irregular-shaped products like chicken breast.

2. Batter Coater HBA

HI-COOK’s classic model for universal uses. Stable performance.

3. Dry Crumb Coater BRC

Dry and semi-dry crumb, up to 25% moisture, can be used. Bucket transport makes less friction over crumbs. Tool-free dismantling.

4. Shower Coater HBSN

It deals with high viscosity and seasoned batter liquid. Product lane alignment can be sustained during the process. 

A special pump coats the product’s bottom without harming batter liquid.

5. Raw Bread Crumb Coater BRG

Versatile coating machine successfully deals with raw crumb(moisture 35% or more) as well as a dry crumb, fine powders, spices, etc. The cantilever system offers easy belt release.