Everything had the start.In the city named Kanazawa, west Japan, in 1953, a school teacher gifted with vigorus creativeness,started a small company in 1953 after all had been destroyed from the 2nd world war.

1953 Dec.24 Company established by Motomune Yamamoto
1956 May.20 Started to deal with cooking equipments
1965 Feb.1 Introduced the first Japan-made continuous fryer in the market
1969 Sep.28 Won the Gold Prize from Japanese Inventor’s Association
1976 Dec.1 Built Matto 1st factory
1987 May.1 Management shift to Hiroshi Yamamoto 2nd generation of the founder
1987 Nov.21 Kanazawa plant moved
1994 Dec.20 Established Asahi Sosetsu Korea Co. Ltd. In south Korea under partnership with Metatek Co. Ltd.
1996 Dec.16 Established Asahi Engineering Co. Ltd in Japan
2007 Mar.28 Established HI-COOK(Thailand) Co. Ltd. In Bangkok Thailand
2007 Oct. 19 Established HI-COOK Co. Ltd. In Japan as the subsidiary for overseas trading.
2014 Jan. 24 Established Asahi Sosetsu (Thailand) Co. Ltd. as the manufacturing subsidiary in south-east Asian markets
2019 June, 1 Management shift to Kota Yamamoto 3rd generation of the founder